lakeFS & Airflow Integration: What's New?

Join us for an exciting session where we'll dive into the latest developments in the lakeFS and Apache Airflow integration.

These changes included enhancements that enable seamless bi-directional data management between Airflow and lakeFS.

What we'll cover:

  1. Introduction to lakeFS and Apache Airflow: Gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts and benefits of this integration. We'll show you how they complement each other in building robust data pipelines and managing data lakes efficiently.

  2. Overview of lakeFS-Airflow Integration: Explore the current capabilities of integrating lakeFS with Apache Airflow. Get insights on how data engineers and data scientists leverage this integration to streamline their workflows, improve data governance and ensure data quality.

  3. What's new with lakeFS & Airflow: Discover the latest enhancements and fetaures developed by lakeFS to enable effortless bi-directional integration from Airflow to lakeFS. Directly access a commit from an Airflow task and vice versa.

Who should attend?
Data engineers, data scientists or workflow orchestrators using Apache Airflow.


Director Solution Engineering

VP Customer Success


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