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June 2023

Find out where the state of data engineering stands in 2023, tackle data engineering patterns: write-audit-publish, and join us at the hottest events in June.

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May 2023

lakeFS celebrates a milestone v0.100.0 release, learn how to experiment like a pro, DuckDB vs. Polars for data engineering, and other noteworthy news items.

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April 2023

ML & Data Quality: all you need to know, introducing Dolly 2.0 and other data news, latest lakeFS updates, and fun moments around the web.

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March 2023

Airflow and lakeFS Integration: step by step tutorial, learn the Action-Position data quality assessment framework, new community events.

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February 2023

Check out Paige AI's story on how they streamline and run 200+ dbt models in production, boost your skills with these tips and check out upcoming events.

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January 2023

Now available: lakeFS fully supports DuckDB for data exploration, blame button for data changes now available, practical guides to start the year.

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December 2022

Celebrating the lakeFS community, a deep dive into data version control, and insights on data reproducibility and other data lake best practices.

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Axoletter November 2022

November 2022

Featuring guides to reducing data storage costs, building an isolated testing environment for data, and developing Spark ETL pipelines in isolation.

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October 2022

Processing medical study data with data mesh technologies, adding lakeFS description to Python's pypi package, lakeFS with DynamoDB, around the web.

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