Troubleshoot & Reproduce Data with Prefect and lakeFS

Prefect is a workflow orchestration tool empowering developers to build, observe, and react to data pipelines.

lakeFS is a scalable data version control system providing version control over the data lake, using Git-like semantics to create and access those versions.

When using lakeFS with Prefect orchestrated pipelines, you'll be able to quickly analyze and troubleshoot failed/erroneous pipelines, improving data reliability and reducing time to resolution.

In this webinar, we'll demonstrate how to create an isolated environment of the data to run production pipelines, in a way that ensures only quality data is exposed to production. 

During this session, we will discuss: 

  • Run pipelines in isolation
  • Execute Git actions on big data scale within Flows
  • Troubleshoot pipelines
  • Get a snapshot of the data at the time of failure 

This is an interactive session showing you first-hand how to troubleshoot and reproduce data with Prefect and lakeFS.

Buckle your seatbelts — this ride will be wild!


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VP Customer Success

Director Solution Engineering


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